If you were to ask me my favorite drink, word, smell, model for photos, thing to hold, thing to look at, purchase to make, and what I will drive 30 minutes plus for.. I would have to say COFFEE.

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Today, I'm talking all things coffee! You can imagine the ear to ear grin on my face right now. Disclaimer: I am by no means a coffee expert, I'm just slightly obsessed with the stuff. 

It all started when I worked as a barista at Borders Book Store (may it Rest In Peace). I hated the smell and taste of coffee. I couldn't understand for the life of me why people would pay for it. Slowly but surely, I inched my way through mochas, flavored lattes with one shot of espresso to cream with a little coffee, and here I am now in a committed relationship with Coffee.

Coffee and I continued together when my husband and I registered for a Mr. Coffee Pot for our wedding. We then got into the French press trend and are on our 5th one because those things can be fragile! You can buy my favorite one HERE. Then I tried my hand at pour overs with this simple and cheap one HERE from World Market. And best gift ever, Luis bought us a fancy espresso machine for Christmas one year! I am so close to mastering some beautiful latte art. These machines are pricey, but they'll bring you the highest quality and best results at home. Click HERE to see which one we bought.

Currently, my favorite coffees and roasts are:
French Press: Madcap - Six One Six
Or one we've been buying locally from our favorite coffee stop - Gravel & Grind
Espresso: Stumptown - Hair Bender
Inexpensive coffee to have on hand - Peets Coffee (any roast, you can find it at most grocery stores)

From time to time, you will catch us posting about our love for coffee. And since we can't get enough of it, we are eager to know your favorite roasts and favorite coffee spots! Please share your coffee secrets with us.

Stay caffeinated,

Photography by: Kathleen Marie Ward Photography