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Valuing Alone TIME

I was completely alone when I first moved to Florida.

I was also broke from the move. So, needless to say, I had to come up with inexpensive things to do that I wouldn't mind doing solo. I visited the beach a lot (obviously) and little coffee shops here and there but, when I found this little Green Market on the water, it quickly became my favorite thing. It is actually the spot where I learned to value alone time.

I actually wrote this on Instagram at the beginning of last year when I was facing a season of extreme loneliness...

Some days you just need to stay holed up inside and watch Netflix and not do anything. But, the next day you need to force yourself off the couch and try new things... like visiting a new church and joining in on the church luncheon to meet nice people. Then, accidentally stumbling upon a green market right by the water that has so many things you love so much - air plants, kombucha, and GF + DF Reese’s cups. Then, tucking yourself away in a coffee shop right by the window so that you can dream and write and thank God for days like today. I’m learning to like solo adventures and get out of zones that are comfy. I’m learning to remind my soul that Jesus is it.

So many special things have happened at this little market. Like the time a vendor let me pick a bracelet from his collection because he wanted to be a part of my story. Or the time I walked the pier with tears in my eyes because Jesus is just so special. Or the time where I only had a quarter and the sweet old lady at the fruit stand let me have a peach. Or the time I got to pray with a friend for breakthrough in her life. Or my favorite, when I met a homeless lady who radiated such joy, that she brought me to tears. 

I've brought friends here. I've made friends here. This place has marked my heart.

While this market is dear to me, it symbolizes a bigger picture for me... getting over my fear of being out and about alone. I'm a work in progress of course. But, bit by bit I'm learning how amazing solo adventures are. They aren't scary. People aren't looking at me with pity in their eyes. They are fun. They are sweet. They are priceless. It's about TIME I realized this.

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Becky and I are so thankful for you and appreciate that you are on this life journey with us. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!

Photography by the talented Leah Voss