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Celebrating 1 Sweet Year with Aria

Time is flying friends! We at the Afable household are barely catching up. We have yet to put together a baby photo album of all of Aria's firsts, but let me tell you that I can honestly say I don't feel like I have missed a thing. A friend gave me a piece of sweet yet simple advice on my wedding day four years ago, which was to take mental snapshots of every moment because it goes by much too quick. And for the past year, my husband and I have made a conscious effort to be present in each moment with our little family. We have tried our very best to soak up each moment with our girl - the good and the crazy... we want to remember them forever.


We especially want to remember the way she fought into this world. So, In honor of Aria Jade Afable turning one this past October, we wanted to share with you the day that we met. (Stop reading here to spare yourself some of the descriptive details.)


I would say my pregnancy started off as average as pregnancies can be, the nausea daily, the stretch marks, weird body changes.. but at the 24 week mark is when things started changing. We were grocery shopping and I had some abnormal bleeding. And when pregnant, they tell you every weird thing is normal, while at the same time to be watchful and in tune with your body. So, I used my maternal discernment and we called the hospital around 9:30PM. They had us come in and they did a ton of testing to determine that I could be going into preterm labor. We stayed over night and I received some steroids to help baby girl if she decided to come that day. The next day came and everything looked normal, so they sent me home. They thought it may be placenta previa, but were not positive and just told me a few things to watch for.


Months had passed, and around 35 weeks I began uncontrollably itching all over without a rash or any other symptom. I researched the heck out of what it could be and found that it was most likely colestasis a rare disease that 1% of  pregnant women can come down with and it can result in having a stillborn child. So yes, in the middle of the night while I couldn't sleep and was reading up on this I was low-key freaking out. We went to the doctor and kept getting blood tests to find out that it was most likely the cause. They planned to induce me at 38 weeks.

As I tried everything under the sun to make her come on her own before the induction, the Sunday of the 38th week came. I was working at church that morning and training a new vocalist for Worship Team when I felt this weird pull and push inside of my stomach, a pressure I hadn't felt before. As I got up to walk down the hall, I felt a rush of liquid coming out. I thought my water had broke! I passed my husband in the hall and mentioned that we may need to go to the hospital but I would keep him posted. When I was able to check on it, I found that it was blood, a lot of it. And I was losing a ton by the minute. We have such a good community there and people started coming to my aid right away. They pulled up our car and Luis and I ran every red light and got to the hospital in 7 minutes. By this time, we knew something was very wrong and were literally screaming in tongues crying out to God. We rushed into the hospital and tried to explain to the officer the situation. As he wheeled me back, I'm (only by God's grace) calmly telling the nurses, "I need two IV's, I'm losing a lot of blood and may pass out." Because of how calm I was, they did not take me as seriously at first. Once they strapped me down and had her on a monitor, they saw how urgent everything was. As they hooked up the second IV to me, her heart rate drastically dropped and they all exchanged glances and said gravely, "Did you heart that?" Followed by, "Ma'am, we're going to prep you for emergency surgery now."

They rushed to unplug everything and started wheeling me down the hall and I turned to my husband who was in tears and said, "Just trust God baby." They whisked me out and into the surgery room so fast, yet time seemed to pass so slowly. My two prayers throughout this moment were: that she would be okay and that I wouldn't pass out. 

I have never had surgery before and I am very dramatic when it comes to doctors and needles. So they shoved the catheter up before I was asleep and even though I was in and out of consciousness at this point, I still had enough strength to ask them not to do that yet. Then I proceeded to ask how they were going to put me to sleep... as if that mattered. The anestioslogist calmly yet irritated said "Just breathe" as he placed the mask over my face and I was out. 

What felt like 3 hours later I drearily woke up to my baby girl's cry and I turned to see my husband's tear stained face with the sweetest relief. We made it. Both of us. We made it. I had never felt a more joyous surge go through my body before. We made it. God is good.


God held us the whole time. I was alive to hold my baby. 


And can I tell you as if it could get any better, the moment that I held her in my arms for the first time was so magical. There isn't a feeling in the world to describe it. I was a mom, and I actually felt like one. What a call that was now placed on my life. Indescribable.


At this point, I was very high on the morphine that they had flowing through my body (since I didn't get local anesthesia) and kept thanking the doctors and nurses over and over and over like a broken record. But, I really was so grateful that God created them and their wise brains that day. Every detail of this day was a divine appointment and we certainly will never forget it! 


Happy One Year sweet girl! We are certain from the surprise moment that you began growing as a little bean inside of me, to the  adventurous way you entered this Earth, and to this moment here and now with your brave yet tender heart, that God has incredible plans for your life. We are honored to disciple you through this world and we pray God's wisdom and discernment over us as we lead you. 

Thank you again to all of our family and friends for storming Heaven with your prayers and for dropping everything to come around our family during this time. We are more than blessed to have you alongside us to raise our little girl.

Our lovely announcement photos, Hospital photos, and Fall family picture are all by our favorite: NikkiKauzlarichPhotography


What a time to be alive, love on someone close to you today,
XO - Becky