Summer Bucket List


Summer is here and we are pumped about it! We have been longing for pool days, relaxed vibes, watermelon, and flip-flops. We've both got some fun summer-y things coming up and a few of them get to be together (heck yes!). We thought it would be fun to make a bucket list  with some things we want to do and hope you'll join in too. 

Take a road trip. Grab some pals, snacks, and a good playlist. Plan for some fun stops along the way. It's all about the journey folks. 

Find a new coffee spot. This is essential. Good coffee with a cozy atmosphere, yes please. 

Get by the water. If you live close enough to make a day trip to the beach, do it. The ocean pretty much cures everything. If the sea is not an option, get to the pool.  

Go on a morning or evening hike. Go see nature and sing with the birds. Find cool rocks, explore a new place, and enjoy every step. Don't forget bug spray though. 

Read an inspiring book. Read something that will challenge you, encourage you, and excite you. 

Read an escape book. Read something that takes you away on an adventure in your mind. 

Get coffee with a new friend. Coffee dates are the best. So many fine moments are had over a cup of joe. Plus you may just find your new bff4l. 

Serve your community. Get out there and do something outside of your comfort zone, outside of yourself. Even better if you can do it with family or friends. 

Start an herb garden. Fresh herbs are so yummy. They beat dried ones every time. How cool would it be to go out to your garden and grab fresh cilantro for you homemade guac!!?

Try new recipes. Maybe you'll discover your new favorite meal. Also, if you fail, it's okay.

Make a new craft once a month.  Making something by hand makes you feel so accomplished. Pinterest has something that even you can make (we promise). And don't forget to show it off! Even if it turns out really bad, you can make a funny "Pinterest Fail" meme.

Go on a walk once a day. Walks are awesome. Not only do you get to breathe in fresh air, you get to appreciate your surroundings, and your body will thank you for the exercise. 

Take a dance class. Dancing is so freeing and even if you completely suck, you will thank us for the fun you had.

Make late art. Try it! Make your morning coffee more exciting. 

Redecorate a room in the house. If you only have a room to yourself than pick a part of your room to makeover. It feels good to switch things up. 

Sew a pillowcase. There are super easy tutorials. You can do it by hand or with a machine. 

Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day. Wouldn't this be epic?! 

Happy summer guys!! What things would be on your summer bucket list? 


photography by Kathleen Marie Ward.