Plant Party


It's no secret that we loooooove plants. Our mammaw has a very green thumb. Our mom has a pretty green thumb. The both of us our trying to turn ours green. I think we are doing a good job so far minus a few plants that didn't make it under our care. I have it easier than Beck does because I live in warm weather all year round and I can have my plants outside while she has to deal with icy winter temperatures.

We had this plant adventure together the last time I was home and of course we had to document it. We though today would be a good day to share it with you as well as tell you about our favorite plant.


Becky: "My current favorite house plant is an aloe Vera plant that I call Aloe Blacc. He's so lively and is growing out of his home fast, so I'll have to repot him soon. However, every plant I try and repot dies. Please send help. Really though, any plant experts out there teach me how to repot plants!"


Beth Ann: "My favorite plant is my cactus buddy in my room. I named him when I bought him but I can't remember what it is. I really lucked out and snagged him for $4 at a native plant sale. I'm not sure what kind he is but twice a year he blooms a little white flower that reminds me of a lily mixed with a daisy. It is so cool when it happens. 


If you guys are ever in Frederick Maryland, check out Dutch Plant FarmWe absolutely loved it!


What are your favorite plants?