Happy Christmas Time

It's hard to believe that Christmas time is already upon us. Anyone else feel like this year was a gigantic blur? With all of the hustle and bustle and holiday prep, we are making sure to keep some of our favorite holiday traditions alive. One of them being, Christmas movie binging!! There's nothing more cozy than a big cup of hot coco, your favorite blanket, and a Christmas movie marathon. 

So, join us as we narrow down some of our favorites just for you (in no particular order)...



The Holiday

This is a must and it’s probably the least cheesy of them all. It's very well made with some of our favorite actors. It's also not overly Christmas themed. Rumor is that its currently on Hulu.

White Christmas

This movie is a classic. It's a bit long but it's so worth it. Bing Crosby is in it and it's amazing. P.S. it's on Netflix!

Christmas With Holly

This was a Hallmark movie from a few years ago about a little girl who lost her mom and is being raised by her uncles. Oh goodness, it is so darn sweet.

Jingle All the Way

This movie cracks us up every time we watch it. Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Sinbad fighting over a toy is hilarious.

Preacher's Wife

Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington... need I say more.

A Christmas Prince 

This is a new Netflix original. It is so sweet and has pretty decent acting. I mean, you can read the title, watch the preview, and pretty much know the story line, but isn’t that what makes you watch these sweet cheesy holiday movies anyway?

Muppet Christmas Carol

I think this is the only Christmas Carol version that we even like. The muppets make the movie!!!

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

 Literally one of our FAVORITE Christmas movies of all time: good cast and good story. A must watch.

While You Were Sleeping

This was our mom's fave movie when we were growing up. We watched it all the time. I would totally watch it any time of the year but it does have a sweet Christmas sentimental element to it.

Christmas With the Kranks

Such a grand lighthearted funny classic.


We really could go on and on and add about 20 more but we will stop here and let you tell us what your favorites are!

Merry Christmas folks!


Beth Ann & Becky