Happy Thursday friends! 2018 has arrived, and we have two things on our heart: 


1. We're believing that this year holds so much promise for you. That the seeds you've been planting and watering will begin to take bloom in this new season. We're believing with you that the promises you are fervently waiting in God for, are coming swiftly in Jesus' name.

2. We are committing to allowing our creativity to soar to new heights and great depths. Reaching into the chambers of our hearts and using all that God has given us to inspire, to bring light to, to add to, to breathe life into, and to be consistent in doing so. 


In this bright and beaming year of 2018, let us seek God for the sake of knowing Him better, just to catch His heart. While we are believing and waiting and hoping in God, it is so important to remain in Him, to abide in Him, to walk with Him. His word promises that when we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him.

If you have any New Year's Resolutions, join us in letting this be of utmost priority this year: Let us seek Him with everything that we are, and His word promises that everything else will be added unto us.

"Seek first His kingdom, and all else will be added unto you."

Let us dive head first into all that He is, the wonder, the peace and fullness, and into His all consuming presence. Let us watch for God-moments and God-encounters. Let us be open to all that He has. Let us say YES to all He asks.


We would love to hear what your focusing on in this new year in the comments below!

And Happy New Year friends! Here's to enlivening the atmosphere around us.

Xoxo - Becky & Beth Ann