Easy Peasy Smoothies

Happy hump day. Here's something yummy that we want to share with you...

In case you didn't know, we LOVE smoothies. We also love easy, simple, no fuss directions. So we thought that maybe you'd like that too. Here goes our -throw it together with whatever you have in your fridge/freezer/pantry- smoothie recipe.

You need a few basics -fruit/veggies, a base, a thickener, and a power boost- and can add from there.

Basic Formula: 1/2 c fruit + 1 c liquid + 1/2 c veggies + 1/4 c something creamy* + 1/2 tbs something sweet + 1/2 tbs flavor 

Here are some ideas of what to put in it...

Power Boost: Nut butter, yogurt, protein powder, flax seeds, chia seeds, oats

Fruit & Veggies:  Berries, banana*, oranges, carrots, pears, peaches, spinach, kale, avocado*. Frozen fruit is best to always have on hand and fresh fruit is awesome for taste. 

Base: Milk-soy, almond, coconut; water, iced coffee, green tea, ice, Greek yogurt*

To Taste: Vanilla extract, sweetener - liquid stevia, honey, cinamon, maple syrup, sugar, cocoa powder

*optional to add creaminess  

Here is an example of each of our quick go to smoothies:


Organic Coconut Milk (SO brand), or if I'm out - 2% Milk
Frozen Mixed berries from Target
Vanilla Protein Powder
Handful of Spinach or Kale
Flax Seeds/Chia Seeds

Coconut Milk is the milk my husband and I regularly keep on hand. We always try to have some type of frozen fruit ready to go for a smoothie and we keep a stock of protein powder (Target has good sales sometimes on them). We usually buy a big pack of organic spinach every week that we'll use for salads, to sautee for a recipe, or for smoothies! However, If I don't have any that day when making a smoothie, I'll just skip it. I buy chia seeds and flax seeds from either Aldi or TJ Maxx where I've found them cheaper than most stores. And BOOM! a quick Smoothie.


Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Frozen Mixed berries + 1/2 frozen banana
Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder (I buy mine gluten free)
Handful of Spinach or Kale
1 tbs peanut butter
Flax Seeds/Chia Seeds

I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can so I buy almond or coconut milk. I like either in smoothies. Coconut gives more of a tropical taste which I love for when I take a smoothie to the beach. I recently bought Vanilla Whey Protein Powder by GreenWise (Publix) and I really like it. I almost always have frozen bananas because I freeze them right before they're about to go bad if I didn't get a chance to eat them. I buy spinach or kale every week for cooking and smoothies. I am a huge lover of peanut butter. I usually go for organic, unsalted, natural peanut butter from Trader Joes. I make smoothies for a quick meal, laying in the sun, or when I'm about to go for a long drive. They are so easy and so yummy.

Let us know your favorite quick smoothie recipes!

Photography by Katie Ward