DIY Hanging Shelf

If you haven't guessed yet, Becky and I are all about DIY's. Especially easy ones with minimal effort. Anyway, I have this awkwardly placed window in my room which left me trying to figure out unique ways for storage. I also wanted to fill up some wall space and make it look nice.


I had seen various hanging shelves on Pinterest so I decided to make one of my own using things I already had (so I didn't have to spend any money). So, here is this easy peasy do it yourself shelf that looks super boho chic.


All you need is:

  • Yarn (what I used). Leather or other string would work too.
  • Piece of wood that is sturdy but not too heavy.
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • *Wood stain or paint* I decided to leave the wood natural but this would be a super easy add in if you want it a different color.

1. I found a great piece of wood on the beach one day. I cleaned it and set it aside until I decided to make it into this shelf. You can find some wood at Home Depot or somewhere and stain it (or paint) to your desired color.

First, I used the yarn to measure how long I wanted the shelf before I cut it to the desired length. I also had to make suer that there was enough to loop around the wood. I cut four strings total, two for each side. 


2. Next , I looped the string under the plank and secured a knot at the top. This is where the glue gun would come in handy to secure the string even more. I repeated the same thing on the other side. 


3. Then, I gathered the string up and tied them together at the top. I left the excess string long so it would gather together as fringe. 


And TADA!!!


I hope you guys have a fantastic week and let me know if your end up making this shelf!!


xoxo Beth Ann