Cozy Spaces

Hey folks,

Wishing you the happiest of Sundays! Yesterday consisted of sleeping in (after the babe was fed), a yummy breakfast at home, then we headed to our fav coffee shop where we talked about our future home, and then we went to pray over a house we are thinking of putting an offer on! It was a relaxing and exciting day for us. I hope you had a relaxing one as well.

I know for myself, one huge way to relax in our home is to make my relaxation area (our family room COUCH) the coziest and most peaceful that I can. So, I wanted to share a few things that help to create that peaceful feeling today....

Free your space of clutter | Do your best to make a habit of cleaning the clutter before you leave the house and before bedtime. This way you'll come home to a clean space and wake up to one.

Make it visually appealing | Do you like what you see when you walk into your area of "rest & relaxation?" Add in some pops of color. Blues, purples, grays...etc can be very calming colors. If you love symmetry and you like things to match, you can add four throw pillows, two on each side of your couch in two complimentary colors. I would go for a neutral and a pop of color. For example, a gray pillow paired with a floral pattern pillow.

Make it cozy | This one is my favorite! Throw pillows, throw blankets, and candles are a few of my favorite things. They all add to the peaceful, warm feeling of relaxation. Finding your favorite scent in a candle will do wonders for you! Try checking at Target or TJ Maxx because they are killing the candle game right now with a lot of soy wax candles for affordable prices.

Make it Easy | I don't know about you, but when I sit down to relax I do not plan on getting up for a while. So, I always have some sort of tray or side table near me to put my coffee, snack, or book down. (Also, my clicker when I netflix binge.)

Add some dynamics | Adding textures and patterns can help make your space fun. Try stacking some books on the side table or shelf. Add some plants as well. Fake plants always help me since I'm currently learning how to keep real ones alive.

Now, let's go make a cup of tea or some coffee, light some candles, grab that book you've been wanting to read - and let's RELAX. I am all about making houses feel like homes. If you ever want some help creating that space, let me know!

- Becky

Photography by - Nikki Kauzlarich Photography

Throw pillows from - Target/Threshold & Hobby Lobby
Neutral throw blanket - World Market
Fir rug/throw - World Market
Candle - Target
Plant - TJ Maxx
Tray - Target/Nate Berkus