Look Up

WOW, what a few years it has been. We've tried to blog before but we weren't the best at it. When we tried then, we created it with the intention to remind ourselves and to encourage each and every one of you to always “LOOK UP.” We meant that literally and metaphorically. 

Ten or so years ago, Beth Ann and I were seeking for a way to constantly remind our hearts that God is good in all things, that no matter what we saw with our physical eyes – God was working everything for our good, and that life really wasn’t so bad – but actually beautiful. Like David did in the Psalms – we wanted to tell our hearts how to feel instead of letting our emotions dictate our outlook and perspective. 

That blog didn't last but our vision never changed and we still desire the same for us and for you.

Every so often, when things are absolutely AMAZING, or when things flat out STINK, we do this thing as we are walking to our car or walking to our door at night where we lift our head and we take a look up at the night sky – the huge canvas where God knows every single star and has placed them each in their very own spot... and we just stand there, letting it all sink in. It’s absolutely breathtaking - That God would take the time and care to know each star and hang them in their own unique spot. And that same God of the universe, that same God who with one sentence created LIGHT, the God who made the sun STAND STILL, who heals the blind and the sick, who tells the ocean where to stop along the shoreline and knows the number of the grains of sand, that SAME GOD knows every hair on your head and He knows every hurt and every deep desire inside of your heart. WOW. 

We have journeyed through many trials, changes, and adventures over the past few years yet, one thing that has always kept our hearts in the right perspective is this reminder to LOOK UP. This view has seen us through heart breaks, new business ventures, deaths of family members and dear friends, big God-adventures like moving away from everything known, depths of loneliness, a pregnancy and near-death delivery, many road trips and plane rides, and so much more. 

Friends, we’ve missed you! And we have found that we need this blog once more, so we hope that you’ll come on this life adventure with us. We promise to do our best to inspire, to create with you and for you, to share our hearts and be vulnerable, to push you towards our Creator's arms always, to share our favorite life-hacks, to share the things we can’t live without, and to be here for you. We promise to be that reminder for you to always “LOOK UP.” 

So, here begins enlivened (NLVND). A call to give life, action, and spirit to. A challenge to make alive or lively and brighten. A lifestyle that chooses joy.  

Please check back often and join us on this journey. Also, we want to challenge you... tonight, wherever you are, go outside and take a moment with Jesus. Look up to the night sky and know that He holds your heart in the exact place it needs to be – just like each star.

With love,

Becky & Beth Ann


Photography by Nikki Kauzlarich