The Waves Are Calling



“Precious Abba,

I am going to write my prayers tonight because I don’t know what to say and I know my words will fail me. I don’t know what my problem is. I know I’m being disobedient. I know I’m acting like Jonah, running from my Nineveh. Why am I caught up in fear? Why am I scared of You? I am so comfortable and worried of the change. I fear what you will ask of me. I fear I will fail you. I fear I won’t commit. I fear I will let you down. I fear that unknown place. I fear not getting approval of man. I fear leaving here. I fear giving up what I know. I fear vulnerability. I feel like I’m in a weird place with You right now, like I’m keeping You at arms length and trying to hide from You instead of in You. Lord, I am not a slave to fear! I am a slave to You. I am free in You. Help me to step out of the bondage You’ve already freed me from. Help me to take off my makeup and facade so I can look like You again. I want our sweet spot back but I want more than that. Deep down I long for an even stronger awareness of You. I am sick and tired of the walls I’ve built around You. Unchurch me. Help me to see You rightly. I want to know You for who You are.”


This was from a journal entry almost 4 years ago. As I was led by the Spirit to read it this morning, I was immediately brought back to that time in my life. It was dark and lonely and I was bound by fear. You see, I knew that God was asking for my all but I was afraid to give it. Figuratively, I was standing on the shoreline watching the waves crash knowing He was out there but too afraid to go to Him. I had too many things in my hands that I wouldn’t have been able to swim anyway and I had a really comfy spot in the sand. The longing was there inside of me to go to Him but I silenced it. I silenced Him in that season and I know it broke His heart.

Two months after I wrote this, I found myself in Florida visiting some dear friends (I was living in Maryland at the time). Little did I know that my trip to “escape” God was the very place I would face Him. I will never forget the moment. It is forever etched on my heart and burned in my mind.

I was sitting alone on the sand with the ocean before me. It was a beautiful day and no one was around. All of the sudden I felt like a bucket of fear and worthlessness was dumped on my head and I literally felt like I couldn’t move. In one flash of a moment I knew I had a choice to stay right there stuck or to get up and run into the waves. It took all of my strength and all of my will but I broke free from the pull of the shore and dove into the water. I went under in desperation but came up and breathed in hope. It was there I heard the Lord say, “I’ve been waiting for you here daughter.” He wasn’t mad at me. He wasn’t disappointed in me. He just loved on me as I sobbed on His chest, my heart finally laid before Him. I told Him I was so sorry for running and that I was finally ready.

That day changed my life folks. That day where I finally said, “Lord I’m ready, I’m willing, here I am” led me to here and now. It is my anthem every day. You don’t have to be bound by fear or shame or anything holding you to the shore. Jesus is calling you deeper. He’s calling you to Him. He loves you so much. Get in the waves with Him. It is everything. You will never look back.



Beth Ann  

Latest Thrift Finds

Hey friends, we apologize for the quietness around here these past few months. Our lives behind the scenes have been bursting with everything that is life. We've been very busy with different transitions that have happened and some that are coming up! And we want to take some time and fill you in on those in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

Thank you for always following along on our adventures, we appreciate the company and fellowship so much!

As we (The Afables) are on the journey of furnishing our town house, Aria and I have been trying to thrift 1-2 times a week. While my main goal is to find furniture, I keep finding fun decor to warm up our spaces instead. I know my perfect couch is out there, but none the less, we still have walls to fill as well. I wanted to share with you my favorite finds from the past two months. If you notice, there is a neutral/woven theme and I guess I have a "type" right now. Here are some of them:


I found this raffia fan and had to take it home! 


Here is an updated basket wall. All of these with the exception of one were thrifted. I'll be adding some fringe along the edges of the one on the top all the way to the left and adding more baskets as I find them.


One of the girls I follow on instagram used a mini wicker chair as a plant holder, and I had to have one. I found a couple at my local Goodwill, but this one stood out to me most.


Okay, I loved this wall hanging when I picked it up. Though in all honesty, I put it back down not knowing what to do with it or how to use it. Then, I picked it back up once more and resolved to figure it out. I know that pieces like this are rare in thrift stores around me, so I had to snag it. My one guess is maybe its a kitchen or bathroom towel holder? If you have any ideas, please help me figure this mystery out. It's hanging in our bedroom right now, but I'd love to put it to better use.

I am seeking to add more pops of color in each room, and if you have any tips on how you like to do that, please share with me below! 

I'll keep you updated on our instagram stories as we thrift each week, I just know I'll find my couch soon. Wish me luck!
xo Becky

Becky's House Progress...

Hello there! I hope your week has been bright with some solid moments of self care.


One way I like to care for my well being is by decorating my most occupied spaces. Even though it's work on the front end, I get so much peace and joy by adding life and beauty to the spaces around me.

It is month 6 of inhabiting our new home! So, I would love to fill you in on all of the house renovations, plus my favorite spots in the house that are fully furnished and noteworthy. However, with money being tight in this season as well as time, we have yet to paint a single room and haven't bought a big piece of furniture yet (unless you count replacing a washing machine). I've been learning a lot in this slow and steady design process. One thing being that if you have a neutral base color on your walls, you can work with it as a foundation to build upon. Since I can't splurge and demo each space that I want to, I am doing my best to make each room the warm, peaceful and creative space that we've had on our hearts ever since we dreamed of our first home.

To me - Decorations are everything, environment is everything, lighting is everything, and caring about the details help to make it everything you've hoped and dreamed of. 


A few things I'm doing to help speed up this house renovation process:
- I'm trying my very best to furnish/complete one room at a time. I think, "what rooms are priorities for us and our needs?"

- Then, I sit in those rooms and dream, and I've started a mood board for what I envision them to be

- I've been thrifting 1-2x a week hunting for decorations and the furniture I'm looking for for a couple months now.
So far, I've found an iconic chair, a few trays (trays have so many uses - decorations, to eat on, for photo shoots, displays...), pots, basket wall decor, and a few other things.

- I have also been adding key details to each room that make me and my family feel relaxed and at home. They also help create those environments when company comes over. A few details I add - lighting, good smelling candles, letting natural light in as much as possible during the day, plants and greenery to make things feel fresh, throw blankets and pillows, mood lighting, encouraging words...etc

- Take freebies! I put a request out there on Facebook and Instagram to see if there were any good deals on paint anywhere, and a friend gave us some left over paint for free! Score! I'll be using it to paint one of our bath rooms and a wooden kitchen for our daughter (which we also got for free).

Here are a few pictures of some updates:

This is a before picture of the family room that was in the house listing - - 


These are some of the changes and updates we've made - -

This is our entryway seating nook. Although rarely used, it holds some of my favorite things. The chair on the right was a thrift find for $17. 

This is our entryway seating nook. Although rarely used, it holds some of my favorite things. The chair on the right was a thrift find for $17. 

I'm thrifting for more baskets to hang on this wall behind our seating area, and it will be more of a collage.

I'm thrifting for more baskets to hang on this wall behind our seating area, and it will be more of a collage.


Here is a before picture of the dining area and the original pendant light fixture - -


Here is our updated light fixture and furnishings - -

One of our first renovations was installing this light fixture from Ikea. 

One of our first renovations was installing this light fixture from Ikea. 

As you can see on the main floor, the walls are very gray and have a blue tint to them. We'll be painting this floor and our basement white in the months to come! I can't wait to gain more natural lighting. It also needs a ton more color and accent pieces, so those are on the list!

To be honest, I am not fully satisfied with any of the spaces in our house yet and am/will constantly be thinking about ways to make rooms even better. But, I am working hard to make this house a home and I'll check in every once in awhile to show you our house progress! Our next rooms we're going to work on are the first floor bathroom and our basement. We'll be painting, and rearranging. I'll show you updates and let you in on what I want to fix or update next. I love the idea of making spaces better! And since we plan on being in this house for at least 3-5 years, we'll be updating and remodeling probably up until we move. 

Can't wait to check in soon with more updates!
Have a great rest of your week,


DIY Hanging Shelf

If you haven't guessed yet, Becky and I are all about DIY's. Especially easy ones with minimal effort. Anyway, I have this awkwardly placed window in my room which left me trying to figure out unique ways for storage. I also wanted to fill up some wall space and make it look nice.


I had seen various hanging shelves on Pinterest so I decided to make one of my own using things I already had (so I didn't have to spend any money). So, here is this easy peasy do it yourself shelf that looks super boho chic.


All you need is:

  • Yarn (what I used). Leather or other string would work too.
  • Piece of wood that is sturdy but not too heavy.
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • *Wood stain or paint* I decided to leave the wood natural but this would be a super easy add in if you want it a different color.

1. I found a great piece of wood on the beach one day. I cleaned it and set it aside until I decided to make it into this shelf. You can find some wood at Home Depot or somewhere and stain it (or paint) to your desired color.

First, I used the yarn to measure how long I wanted the shelf before I cut it to the desired length. I also had to make suer that there was enough to loop around the wood. I cut four strings total, two for each side. 


2. Next , I looped the string under the plank and secured a knot at the top. This is where the glue gun would come in handy to secure the string even more. I repeated the same thing on the other side. 


3. Then, I gathered the string up and tied them together at the top. I left the excess string long so it would gather together as fringe. 


And TADA!!!


I hope you guys have a fantastic week and let me know if your end up making this shelf!!


xoxo Beth Ann


Happy Thursday friends! 2018 has arrived, and we have two things on our heart: 


1. We're believing that this year holds so much promise for you. That the seeds you've been planting and watering will begin to take bloom in this new season. We're believing with you that the promises you are fervently waiting in God for, are coming swiftly in Jesus' name.

2. We are committing to allowing our creativity to soar to new heights and great depths. Reaching into the chambers of our hearts and using all that God has given us to inspire, to bring light to, to add to, to breathe life into, and to be consistent in doing so. 


In this bright and beaming year of 2018, let us seek God for the sake of knowing Him better, just to catch His heart. While we are believing and waiting and hoping in God, it is so important to remain in Him, to abide in Him, to walk with Him. His word promises that when we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him.

If you have any New Year's Resolutions, join us in letting this be of utmost priority this year: Let us seek Him with everything that we are, and His word promises that everything else will be added unto us.

"Seek first His kingdom, and all else will be added unto you."

Let us dive head first into all that He is, the wonder, the peace and fullness, and into His all consuming presence. Let us watch for God-moments and God-encounters. Let us be open to all that He has. Let us say YES to all He asks.


We would love to hear what your focusing on in this new year in the comments below!

And Happy New Year friends! Here's to enlivening the atmosphere around us.

Xoxo - Becky & Beth Ann 

Celebrating 1 Sweet Year with Aria

Time is flying friends! We at the Afable household are barely catching up. We have yet to put together a baby photo album of all of Aria's firsts, but let me tell you that I can honestly say I don't feel like I have missed a thing. A friend gave me a piece of sweet yet simple advice on my wedding day four years ago, which was to take mental snapshots of every moment because it goes by much too quick. And for the past year, my husband and I have made a conscious effort to be present in each moment with our little family. We have tried our very best to soak up each moment with our girl - the good and the crazy... we want to remember them forever.


We especially want to remember the way she fought into this world. So, In honor of Aria Jade Afable turning one this past October, we wanted to share with you the day that we met. (Stop reading here to spare yourself some of the descriptive details.)


I would say my pregnancy started off as average as pregnancies can be, the nausea daily, the stretch marks, weird body changes.. but at the 24 week mark is when things started changing. We were grocery shopping and I had some abnormal bleeding. And when pregnant, they tell you every weird thing is normal, while at the same time to be watchful and in tune with your body. So, I used my maternal discernment and we called the hospital around 9:30PM. They had us come in and they did a ton of testing to determine that I could be going into preterm labor. We stayed over night and I received some steroids to help baby girl if she decided to come that day. The next day came and everything looked normal, so they sent me home. They thought it may be placenta previa, but were not positive and just told me a few things to watch for.


Months had passed, and around 35 weeks I began uncontrollably itching all over without a rash or any other symptom. I researched the heck out of what it could be and found that it was most likely colestasis a rare disease that 1% of  pregnant women can come down with and it can result in having a stillborn child. So yes, in the middle of the night while I couldn't sleep and was reading up on this I was low-key freaking out. We went to the doctor and kept getting blood tests to find out that it was most likely the cause. They planned to induce me at 38 weeks.

As I tried everything under the sun to make her come on her own before the induction, the Sunday of the 38th week came. I was working at church that morning and training a new vocalist for Worship Team when I felt this weird pull and push inside of my stomach, a pressure I hadn't felt before. As I got up to walk down the hall, I felt a rush of liquid coming out. I thought my water had broke! I passed my husband in the hall and mentioned that we may need to go to the hospital but I would keep him posted. When I was able to check on it, I found that it was blood, a lot of it. And I was losing a ton by the minute. We have such a good community there and people started coming to my aid right away. They pulled up our car and Luis and I ran every red light and got to the hospital in 7 minutes. By this time, we knew something was very wrong and were literally screaming in tongues crying out to God. We rushed into the hospital and tried to explain to the officer the situation. As he wheeled me back, I'm (only by God's grace) calmly telling the nurses, "I need two IV's, I'm losing a lot of blood and may pass out." Because of how calm I was, they did not take me as seriously at first. Once they strapped me down and had her on a monitor, they saw how urgent everything was. As they hooked up the second IV to me, her heart rate drastically dropped and they all exchanged glances and said gravely, "Did you heart that?" Followed by, "Ma'am, we're going to prep you for emergency surgery now."

They rushed to unplug everything and started wheeling me down the hall and I turned to my husband who was in tears and said, "Just trust God baby." They whisked me out and into the surgery room so fast, yet time seemed to pass so slowly. My two prayers throughout this moment were: that she would be okay and that I wouldn't pass out. 

I have never had surgery before and I am very dramatic when it comes to doctors and needles. So they shoved the catheter up before I was asleep and even though I was in and out of consciousness at this point, I still had enough strength to ask them not to do that yet. Then I proceeded to ask how they were going to put me to sleep... as if that mattered. The anestioslogist calmly yet irritated said "Just breathe" as he placed the mask over my face and I was out. 

What felt like 3 hours later I drearily woke up to my baby girl's cry and I turned to see my husband's tear stained face with the sweetest relief. We made it. Both of us. We made it. I had never felt a more joyous surge go through my body before. We made it. God is good.


God held us the whole time. I was alive to hold my baby. 


And can I tell you as if it could get any better, the moment that I held her in my arms for the first time was so magical. There isn't a feeling in the world to describe it. I was a mom, and I actually felt like one. What a call that was now placed on my life. Indescribable.


At this point, I was very high on the morphine that they had flowing through my body (since I didn't get local anesthesia) and kept thanking the doctors and nurses over and over and over like a broken record. But, I really was so grateful that God created them and their wise brains that day. Every detail of this day was a divine appointment and we certainly will never forget it! 


Happy One Year sweet girl! We are certain from the surprise moment that you began growing as a little bean inside of me, to the  adventurous way you entered this Earth, and to this moment here and now with your brave yet tender heart, that God has incredible plans for your life. We are honored to disciple you through this world and we pray God's wisdom and discernment over us as we lead you. 

Thank you again to all of our family and friends for storming Heaven with your prayers and for dropping everything to come around our family during this time. We are more than blessed to have you alongside us to raise our little girl.

Our lovely announcement photos, Hospital photos, and Fall family picture are all by our favorite: NikkiKauzlarichPhotography


What a time to be alive, love on someone close to you today,
XO - Becky

Happy Christmas Time

It's hard to believe that Christmas time is already upon us. Anyone else feel like this year was a gigantic blur? With all of the hustle and bustle and holiday prep, we are making sure to keep some of our favorite holiday traditions alive. One of them being, Christmas movie binging!! There's nothing more cozy than a big cup of hot coco, your favorite blanket, and a Christmas movie marathon. 

So, join us as we narrow down some of our favorites just for you (in no particular order)...



The Holiday

This is a must and it’s probably the least cheesy of them all. It's very well made with some of our favorite actors. It's also not overly Christmas themed. Rumor is that its currently on Hulu.

White Christmas

This movie is a classic. It's a bit long but it's so worth it. Bing Crosby is in it and it's amazing. P.S. it's on Netflix!

Christmas With Holly

This was a Hallmark movie from a few years ago about a little girl who lost her mom and is being raised by her uncles. Oh goodness, it is so darn sweet.

Jingle All the Way

This movie cracks us up every time we watch it. Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Sinbad fighting over a toy is hilarious.

Preacher's Wife

Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington... need I say more.

A Christmas Prince 

This is a new Netflix original. It is so sweet and has pretty decent acting. I mean, you can read the title, watch the preview, and pretty much know the story line, but isn’t that what makes you watch these sweet cheesy holiday movies anyway?

Muppet Christmas Carol

I think this is the only Christmas Carol version that we even like. The muppets make the movie!!!

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

 Literally one of our FAVORITE Christmas movies of all time: good cast and good story. A must watch.

While You Were Sleeping

This was our mom's fave movie when we were growing up. We watched it all the time. I would totally watch it any time of the year but it does have a sweet Christmas sentimental element to it.

Christmas With the Kranks

Such a grand lighthearted funny classic.


We really could go on and on and add about 20 more but we will stop here and let you tell us what your favorites are!

Merry Christmas folks!


Beth Ann & Becky


Dearest friend, I hope this Thursday morning finds you well! I want to get real and right to the point -


This past week, I found myself in a  bit of a rut. One that flowed into every piece of my life that makes me who I am. For instance: my creativity was at a halt, my organizational skills/house duties seemed to be hiding, and I was having a hard time trying to be myself in the midst of all of my emotional feels. And as my Pastor often says, "Emotions are a valuable tool, but not a good guide (my paraphrase)."

Life has a way of bringing us to these un-welcomed moments, leaving us with a choice to be made. Currently for me, it is one of those seasons where I feel that I don't have space to breathe or focus because everything (good and bad) is hitting all at once.

Maybe you've recently found yourself at this choice too. It comes down to... Will we let our circumstances dictate our perspective and mood OR will we lean in closer to our Creator and let His Word remind us of our victory in Christ and the joy we have in Him for eternity? 

For me, I always desire the latter decision, however, sometimes I can get caught in the middle of the storm without realizing that I've let it pull me into the facts and reality of the situation instead of holding onto God's truth. Honestly, I hadn't sat down and spent intentional time with God for almost all week. I was slumped into a bout of depression and trapped in my over-analyzing mind, when in an instant God reminded me, "That's not My voice!" Because I hadn't been in His presence enough, I wasn't as sensitive to His voice and His truths in my life. Perspective is everything, what we allow into our hearts and minds is EVERYTHING. So, I sat down and made myself a roadmap that will help me see when I need a heart and perspective check, I pray it helps guide you too! Ready?

6 Clear signs that I need to realign my heart with God's truths:

// Any form of irritability: are the little things bothering you? 

// Insecurities begin speaking: Are past/current insecurities speaking louder to you than God's truths about you? 

// Inability to rest in God's peace: Are you feeling chaos and confusion around you and you can't seem to find your way out? Have you been in a pit of depression or complacency?

// Negative Perspective: Are you grumbling and complaining more? Are you finding the bad in everything instead of the good?

// Emotional Overload: For you sensitive people (ME), is your sensitivity becoming flesh-led instead of God-led? Do you find your emotions exaggerating a bit?

// Life struggles make a reprise: Are you more tempted to, or actually giving into the things you know that tempt you?

If any of these resonate with you, like all of them did with me, maybe it's time for a readjustment. So, I challenge you to block out at least 30 minutes of your day for the rest of this week, grab a big cup of coffee or tea, grab your Bible and a journal/or your phone to take note of what God shows you and just sit in His presence expectantly. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, you don't really need coffee.. For in the words of Joyce Meyer, "Just let Him know you want to spend time with Him. Lock yourself in a room, and say "God, time." And just let God know that you want to meet with Him.

If you are looking for a passage of the Bible to read in or maybe start for the first time, the book of John in the New Testament is always a good place. I'm stuck in there right now and am getting so much! I hope this road map helps you when you need a heart check and that it reminds you to realign your perspective with God's truths.

We are praying for you and we can't wait to spend time with you this holiday season through all of the holiday drinks at Starbucks and all of the cheesy Christmas movies! Also, you must go see some Christmas lights and get into the spirit!

With love,


Life is ART


"I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art."

- H. B. Carter


photography by Katie Ward 

Music Favorites

Hey folks! Here's an update on our Summer Bucket List (click on the link to head back to our original post)...


We have successfully completed 10 out of 17 things!!! Fall hasn't technically started yet, so we're still working on those last 7. (Side note... We can't wait to have a Fall Bucket List coming your way soon since it's only our FAVORITE season.)

One of the things we got to cross off our summer list together was a ROAD TRIP! We've taken a few separately, but we were ecstatic to take one together with our family. Find a recap of our trip from MD to MO HERE


So, with all of the road trips, our daily commutes, and random adventures, we've been driving A LOT lately. We have found that music and playlists created for every occasion makes trips and driving long distances even better! 

On some trips we have destinations, and on others we just drive to nowhere and clear our minds. Sometimes it's nice to put on chill music and not have to think, and then there are times when we know we need to worship and praise our hearts out with an intentional playlist of uplifting worship. There are moments when we want to dance and scream out all of the words to some classics with our throwback playlist. And then... Christmas all year round anyone? We've got you covered. Come follow along with our playlists and musical moods on Spotify at: NLVND.


Some of our current favorites are - -

On Your Face Worship:
Take Courage - Bethel
Divine Romance - Phil Wickham (always this song)
Holy Ground - Passion
You Waited - Travis Greene

Uplifting Music/Worship:
Hillsong Young & Free | Hillsong United
Jesus Culture's new album  - Love Has A Name
Amanda Cooks album - Brave New World
Any Audrey Assad

Chill Music:
Our Morning & Afternoon Drive Playlists


Go find more from us on Spotify!

Do y'all have any favorites we should know about right now?