We are here to get us out of the every day - mundane slump. We are here to remind you & us to always LOOK UP and take our eyes off of our circumstances. We exist to inspire, to uplift and to challenge you to grow. 

So, here begins enlivened (NLVND). A call to give life, action, and spirit to. A challenge to make alive or lively and brighten. A lifestyle that chooses joy.  

Beth Ann | @elleizahbeth

Residing in sunny Florida, with the most creative and most peaceful apartment, she spends her days encouraging and enlivening the lives of those around her. Her home is like a modern day "Paul's Apartment" from the Bible where he'd have people over all of the time and share hope and give life. Currently she is teaching sweet lil children and writing for some really amazing communities. She loves all things sunshine, thrift shops, art, beach, and any creative outlet she can find. Visit her art shop

Becky | @itsmebeckyyy

Laughing her way through any and every season, she takes life light-heartedly. She calls Maryland home and loves her sweet family. Worshiping Jesus is her favorite, and she gets to do so at her local church. Bringing joy into at least one person's day is a constant goal. One day she will own a coffee shop and barista her way through life. She loves loves loves interior decorating, writing with her nifty pens, creating warm and cozy spaces and is the most passionate about coffee.

Cover photography by Katie Ward 

About photography by Nikki Kauzlarich